Barrel Lids

Wine barrels typically arrive with Cooper stamps burned into the wood.  Coopers are the people who built and produced the barrels. Where the wood is from will be an important decision aspect to every Cellar Master’s end product. We strive to retain and accent these stamps to give the barrels wonderful conversation starters.

Whiskey Barrel lids make for great places to preserve distillery working stamps. These are actual stamps painted on to designate what is inside and when filled, etc. when in a readable state we strive to preserve these. One of our first finds was from Toronto’s Distillery district founder “Gilbey’s Distillery” dating back to early 1970! 

When we have clear barrel lids then the creativity begins. We work with you to design and create family logos, your favorite beverage logos and even special memory logos as we did for a Harley Davidson bike owner.

Designs are first created with our graphics ladies and then a vinyl template is applied. From this we hand paint your logo onto the barrel lids.

Barrel Lid Designs

Serving trays

When barrels are taken apart we can then work to reglue and secure the lids. Thes make for beautiful serving trays. We have fun finding old antique handles ( or replicas) and thick crafted leather straps. These serving trays can be finished with only a stain colour which best fits in your home, or with a favourite logo.

Lazy Susan trays – Each of the barrel lids that are trays can also be equipped with the spinny bit underneath to allow for a Lazy Susan. 

Barrel lid decor – Without the handles or tray aspects – Barrel lids alone make for wonderful signs. add a logo and even perhaps some rustic looking coat hooks. Perfect gift for someone’s Oasis, sports bar or Man Cave.


Serving trays

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