Wine Barrels

Wine barrels are usually retired when cellar masters notice signs of leakage and this seems to be after 6 to 8 years of use. The barrels when new can cost upwards of $1400 each! Our refurbished barrels are sold to you for only $295 each – what a savings! 

Imagine how beautiful they are when those first drops of grape juice are placed inside to create a stunning Grande Reserve.They are typically designed around two classic French styles; 

Bordeaux – this is the shape that most of us imagine a wine barrel to look like. At 37″ tall and slender the Bordeaux barrel finishes with a barrel lid width normally around 22″ wide. This barrel easily supports a glass top up to 36″ wide before becoming a bit “tippy”

Burgundy – this shape is a bit more stout (nick named fat boy) at 35″ tall, yet still holding 59 gallons, the loss of 2″ in height was displaced into the belly ( or Bilge) providing a much wider base and barrel lid width of closer to 24″ wide. This barrel shape (although not as common and a bit harder to source) allows one to use and enjoy a glass top up to 44″ wide before showing signs of cantilever or “tippiness”.


Whiskey Barrels

Whiskey Barrels are an interesting lot. Ours primarily arrive from the states where Bourbon is produced. When new, Distilleries actually start a campfire inside to assist with that smokey rich flavour famous in Bourbon. Then the barrels are re-used over and over again until leakage. This can prove to be 12 to 20 years later. Now the fun part…. imagine how all that alcohol has pushed carbon through the rich Oak wood. When we receive the barrels, one can see that the Oak will become either brown or produce a grayish hue once refurbished. *(the really rustic looking ones, we reserve for our “Jack Sparrow line”)

Underneath the white-washed paint on the lids we often find a trace of history. Each batch has had what we refer to as a working label stamped on them. A quick search online reveals the history of distilleries and location of origin.

Barrel tables

Barrel Coffee tables

We produce coffee or end tables from barrels that have been cut in half at the Bilge or belly. By producing a table from a barrel cut in this manner there is an inherent strength retained as the hoops are still holding the barrel staves in place. These retail for $200 each. We strive to only acquire barrels that have a flat barrel lid. (not as easy as you may think) So for this reason our coffee tables do not include glass tops. We do have a stockpile of "quality used" pieces which at 24 to 26" wide retail for $60

Long coffee tables or one which are made from a barrel that has been cut in half vertically. These retail for $650 as the base model. Can also include glass tops and insert/display trays for extra. Why the higher price you ask, well.... Barrels are created like old sailing ships of the past - no glue or screws, simply the hoops are hammered down around the barrels to force them into a curved container. Once a barrel is cut and the hoops are no longer holding it together, one has a pile of large toothpicks or a game of adult Jenga! So a good amount of restructuring and carpentry is required to retain the shape of a barrel so it seems and looks like it is just laying on its side. The barrel will also require a base so it doesn't roll over and a new surface to be the actual table top. Tables made in this shape are presently only from wine barrels.

Colours and stains

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